April Thank You for your Hospitality Its currently May an I’m in my last month of my internship which will end on the 31st. It’s fair to say I’ve learned a great deal in 12 months, not only in terms of my working ability but how well I cope with such a demanding job in … More April


March Host of the Month Following the success of my efforts with social media in February, my manager Chris voted for me to be awarded ‘Host of the Month’. The image below shows my success which I am utterly thrilled with. After the horrible Christmas period it was incredibly rewarding and motivating to receive some … More March


Social Media Plan : February At the end of January, the social media operation once again found its way back under my control and with this came the chance to really push through with promotion of valentine’s day celebrations. To ensure we were going to get maximum views and profits we created a plan of … More February


The Strain of the Festive Season Everyone who works in the hospitality industry understands that working nonstop throughout December and into the New Year is not up for discussion being one of the busiest times of year. However, how much of an emotional strain does this have on the workers? Christmas week I worked 42 … More January


 Shift Leader By training to be a shift leader I was essentially put on shifts without sufficient help or support from supervisors or managers. At the same time the F&B manager went on holiday without informing my colleagues of my new position. Unfortunately, I was not aware that they did not know that I had … More December


My first 6 Months as an Operations Intern First Month at Metro My Placement started on the 1st June 2017, for the initial stage of my placement I was based at the Metro Centre Marriott hotel working in the leisure club. My colleagues were incredibly welcoming and treat me like an equal. Unfortunately, higher management … More November